Dark Catacombs Startbild

The story:
Whilst searching for interesting and adventurous stories for my newest creation, I wandered through cities by the lake and checked out their worst inns and booze holes to find adventurers, pirates and other shady characters. I hoped to get stories about strange lands, heroic deeds, or even dark and supernatural encounters with all of those creatures, that no one speaks kindly about. One day I entered a tavern called the copper chalice and was invited to join a friendly gentleman and his two friends for some wine. They told me interesting stories about life as an outlaw and their Thieving Guild. Several jugs of good wine were emptied and I eagerly and agitatedly jotted their recounts down… Oh, well, I guess I should have known, being the well-to-do scribe that I am, that I should have stayed far away from such surroundings and people. I woke up in a dark, cold cave and needed a few minutes before I realised what had happened. The bandits took me out, taking all my possessions and then they threw me down this dark hole. Who knows what gruesome creatures may roam down here? Will I ever get back to the world above? I must find a way out…

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A special thanks goes to c64addict for proofreading the game texts and for the translation of the cover and instruction texts.

(c) 2010 by Eckhard Borkiet