-C64 Retro Line Games No.4. -

A SCI-FI Graphic/Text Adventure for the Commodore 64.







Strange things happened the last few days. I was on a treasure hunt deep down on the ocean floor.
I found an old shipwreck and took a closer look at it. Suddenly I saw a bright light or flash
in the distance of the dark sea followed by a long and deep noise like screeching metal. A few minutes
later, I was informed by harbour officials to leave the sea immediately and to return to the docks.
Back at the harbour, they confiscated my -one man- SU01 mini submarine without any explanations.
They told me that I would get it back in a few weeks.
Now, the moon is rising and the little harbour is deserted.
The time has come to investigate the strange events at sea...

This is the first english Adventure of the Eway 10 Retro Adventure Games Line and it's (this time) dedicated to all
english speaking friends of the old -Basic Style- (2 word parser) Adventures or just C64 game collectors.
It's a sci-fi Adventure and the objective of the game is to investigate the strange happenings at sea.
You will visit different locations (above and under the sea) and you have to manage different problems to finally solve the game.  
The game will be released in a nice packed cassette version with tape, case, cover and instructions.
This Version is limited to only 50 pieces!



Special thanks goes to Paul "Muttley" Maskelyne for proofreading the game text and to Christian Peintner for proofreading the cover and instructions text.


(c) 2010 by Eckhard Borkiet